30 Day Fitness Challenge

Phil Despain 30 Day Challenge

Welcome to the Challenge!

I want to thank you for taking on the challenge.  I will be doing this right along with you guys and I truly believe this will be extremely beneficial for each of us.

Here are the the challenges we will be doing every single day.

Step 1. Be active/exercise a minimum of 30 minutes per day everyday. The rule with the active part is, it cannot be a day to day living activity. For Example, I could not use I trained 10 people today or I played with the kids. You have to make a deliberate plan to be active.

Such as I decided to take the family hiking today. If you are on a current workout plan, that would obviously count. If you need to take Sundays off for religious reason you will get a pass for those days.  I personally don’t workout on Sundays so what I will be doing instead to be active is a peaceful walk with the family. If you are not okay with that, it is totally fine again you will get a pass. If you have questions email me 🙂  [email protected]

After you have completed your activity for the day post it on The Gym at Station Park’s Facebook Page with what you did.  If you want to do pictures that would be awesome!

Step 2. Keep a journal everyday.  There is no rule for how long your journal entry needs to be. This part of the challenge will be on the honor code so no cheating 😉

Single Day Challenge

Think about your goals. Set a goal that you will accomplish by July 1 2015. Set a goal you will accomplish by July 31 2014. Lastly set a goal for the day that you will accomplish. Send me your goals by email at [email protected]  or text 801-895-9558

Here is a video I shot awhile ago giving a few tips on goal setting. I thought I would include it just in case it might be useful https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_6op91vqIqQ

I look forward to going through the challenges with you, and seeing you accomplish your goals!

P.S. It’s not too late to invite your friends to jump in on the challenge as well 🙂

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