6 Mistakes to avoid when choosing a personal trainer

1. Choosing a personal trainer strictly upon their appearance. Many people want to train with a trainer that looks good, which logically makes sense. But sometimes the personal trainer may not really know how to train you specifically or others in general. It is possible for a trainer to look really good and not know how to train at all. They may have great genetics or are on supplements to help them achieve their look. Be sure that you are choosing your trainer based on several different characteristics other than looks. Good characteristics to look for are energetic, motivating, and good communicator.

2. Not discussing their goals openly enough and communicating the vision that you have. This mistake is common as most people go to hire a personal trainer and assume that the personal trainer already knows what their goals are. The most important thing in a personal trainer/client relationship is communication so the personal trainer knows how to truly motivate the client. This means sharing reasons for wanting to achieve your goal such as wanting to be a better parent, feel more attractive in your clothes, have more confidence, have more energy etc. Discuss your goals consistently and often.

3. Not taking advantage of a FREE personal training session because of fear of not being able to afford it or that it will be an embarrassing session. If a personal trainer is a professional and quality trainer then the FREE session will be educational and motivational. You should feel like your goals are attainable and that you have the support to reach those goals after your FREE training session. The purpose of the FREE training session is to help identify the obstacles that are holding you back and coming up with a game plan to overcome those obstacles and reach your goal. If you decide to purchase a personal training program GREAT but if not you should come out better than when you came in to the training session.

4. Choosing a personal trainer solely based on how many certifications they have. Certifications and bachelor degrees are important but if the personal trainer does not have the personality type and flexibility to work with different clients then the personal trainer technically would not be a good personal trainer even though they may have several of the highest standard certifications. We have seen this time and time again where the personal trainer has all of the certifications in the world but they do not motivate or support their clients and even worse they talk down to their clients and make them feel inferior. Now that is NOT personal training.

5. The cost of a personal trainer being the main deciding factor. The cost of a personal trainer should be thought of as an investment as opposed to being a cost. The reason you want to look at it this way is you are buying a personal trainer for a set of benefits. The same reason why you invest in a car or clothes, school or going out to eat. All of these things benefit your life in some way and so will personal training. Personal training can be anywhere from $30 a week to $150 per week. Based on the importance that you put on your health and wellness is what you will invest in. If you are someone that is really looking for a change then you will want to invest more back into yourself for a greater return. Look at it just like school when you go back to school, you are investing money now to get a better job later. Well with personal training you are investing money now to get a better body, more energy, and increase in happiness and confidence, now and later.

6. Thinking you have to be in shape already to hire a personal trainer or even worse thinking you have to get in shape before you hire your personal trainer. These are just mental obstacles that you must overcome if you want to truly get the results you want. The whole purpose of a personal trainer is to take you from where you are at now and get you to where you want to be in the most efficient way possible.

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