Action Steps to Replace Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

When you answer those questions and see patterns of eating behaviors that work against you, cultivate replacement behaviors that directly address the root problem. For example, if you normally eat when you are lonely or bored, make a date with a friend to do something together that allows you to bond with the other person—like taking a walk. Try to plan activities in advance during the hours you tend to be most vulnerable to overeating. Some alternatives to eating that my clients have found helpful include:

• Learning how to play an instrument
• Joining a book club
• Learning a new skill
• Dating
• Spending time with your spouse or children
• Attending sporting events or concerts
• Practicing a hobby that requires your hands to stay clean or keep busy, such as sewing, crafting, or building models (or anything that keeps your hands too busy to put things in your mouth!)

Having a hobby can be an especially helpful diversion from mindless eating. It can often be done with family or friends—allowing time for socialization—but can also fill quiet hours for those of you who might otherwise find yourselves midnight snacking.

The objective is to find anything you can do to improve yourself and replace former self-sabotaging behaviors. Maybe you will even fall in love with your new endeavor and find another new passion!

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