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Regaining Weight You Have Lost?

You’ve been faithfully working out, keeping up with your program, changing things up on a regular basis, working hard, eating healthy, and all of a sudden you start slipping. A bowl of ice cream here, a cheeseburger there. You start skipping workouts, too. You start gaining weight. Maybe work gets a bit crazy, life changes […]

Staying Healthy at the Gym

You go to the gym to maintain and improve your health, right?  Yes.  It’s an envigorating and enthusiastic atmosphere.  But there are also a lot of germs flying around, so it’s best to take precautions to help avoid getting sick. Clean off equipment:  Our gym equipment is cleaned on a regular basis, but it’s still […]

Chicken Bulgur Salad

Hi!  I hope you’re having a great day.  I based this recipe on one I found in the Taste of Home Healthy Cooking Cookbook.  The two things I didn’t include from the original were onion and turkey.  Onions don’t like me and I didn’t have any turkey at the time.  I used chicken breast for […]

Walking and Losing Weight

Walking has many benefits, but it’s not the best way to lose weight on its own.  Nutrition comes into play here–big time.  You need to burn 3500 more calories than you take in to lose one pound of fat.  So, if you’re walking but not losing weight, take a look at your eating habits.  Log […]

How I De-Stress

Although some stress is healthy, continuous stress can cause health problems such as high blood press and depression.  Here’s what I do to de-stress. 1.  Write it down:  Keeping a journal is a great way to relieve stress.  If I get bogged down with a lot of stressors, I write down each one and then, […]

How to Stay Motivated

  Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com It’s easy to get all excited about fitness when you’re just beginning, but what happens down the road when/if you start hitting plateaus, seeing less progress, and the “newness” of working out wears off?  That’s when you dig deep to find some motivation.  Here are so tips on how to […]