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Learn this counter-intuitive tip for Fat Loss

Burning the Fat By Matthew Rhea, PhD   The most common goal among exercisers is weight loss…actually fat loss, but that’s semantics.  Gaining body fat seems way to easy and losing way to difficult.  Combine our inactive lifestyles with calorie dense foods in our society and that’s a recipe for obesity.   Unfortunately, once the […]

Are You Ready To Feel Alive Again?

Watch this video and then then schedule your FREE Fitness assessment below Can you see how personal training can help you get to your goals faster? Just imagine the way you will feel 12 months from now when you finally made the decision and had some urgency that your goals just could not wait any […]

Accelerating Weight Loss With Incline Training

Accelerating Weight Loss with Incline Training By Matthew Rhea, PhD   Losing weight requires a negative calorie balance consistently each day.  This means that you have to burn more calories that you consume.  Dieting is vital to weight loss efforts because it is much easier to avoid eating calories than it is to burn them […]

Everyone Starts Somewhere…My Journey From Beginner to Becoming A Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

    “My name is Tish Adamson. I am a group fitness instructor and personal trainer here at The Gym at Station Park. The road to this point in my life has not been an easy one. I started my fitness journey weighing just over 300 pounds. I was tired, miserable and depressed. Everyone in […]