Why You Want To Be Held Accountable

Why You Want To Be Held Accountable

Most people link accountability to something negative or something to avoid. This could not be further from the truth. Being held accountable is one of the best things you can have in your fitness journey because the more accountable you are the more likely you are to succeed.

Everyone runs into times where they lack motivation, discipline, and willpower. This is inevitable when you are striving to reach a fitness goal. It can be things such as you don’t feel like going to the gym after work because you are tired or everyone is eating a slice of pizza and you want to eat a slice of pizza too even though that is not part of your regimen for that day, or it could be your spouse or kids demands are so high that you feel that you don’t have time to fit in fitness.

Being accountable to someone is what will help you push through these mental obstacles when they surface because they will surface. It is human nature to feel burnout and fatigue when striving towards a goal and that is where having someone there to talk you out of quitting or going into a negative mental cycle becomes a HUGE benefit.

Think about some past events where you had a goal that you wanted to achieve but you started to feel burned out or lost faith that it could happen so you talked yourself into quitting or making it not “that important”. How beneficial would have it been if you had someone there to remind you why those goals were important and how you CAN reach these goals?

Think about where you would be now if you did have that person to keep you focused on the right path. This is exactly why you WANT to be held accountable.

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Why you want a clearly defined fitness plan for your future

Like anything in life if you fail to plan then plan to fail. You have a plan in your career, family life, vacation life, relationship life, why not have a clearly defined fitness plan for your fitness and health life.

By having a clearly defined fitness plan for your future you will be able to reach your fitness goals significantly faster because you know EXACTLY what you are trying to accomplish and you are following a plan to get there.

A large part of this fitness plan needs to involve a personal trainer because everyone knows that when someone else is tracking your progress and holding you accountable you will be more likely to push harder than if you were just holding yourself accountable because you DO NOT want to let that person down.

Also by having this clearly defined fitness plan you will avoid what most people experience over and over again which is the disappointment of going to a gym or trying a fitness program on their own and giving 100% effort and not seeing any results.

For the most part it is not the effort that is lacking in people when they are trying to reach their fitness goals on their own, but it is the lack of knowledge on what to do, how to do it, and when to do it that is lacking. That is where a personal trainer comes in and adds significant value. It is having a professional know when to change it up and tweak the small details that you may not realize on your own to prevent these frustrations and roadblocks.

So if your goal is to get LONG TERM results and keep them then make sure that you have a clearly defined LONG TERM fitness plan and use a personal trainer.

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The Number 1 misconception of personal training

When people think about personal training they think about just having a trainer for a few sessions and then they will just be able to follow that same workout for the rest of their life and get the results that they want.

This is a big mistake because if you truly want to get the results you REALLY want and KEEP them then you will want to make sure that you are using a trainer for the long term. Think about all of the programs that are sold on tv and how all of them only promote a “90 Day Program” or some kind of quick fix with no long term solution.

The problem with these programs is they are a quick fix or a band aid approach to getting you to your goals. Some of these programs can get you results quickly but they will not last very long which kind of defeats the purpose of fitness. Why would you want to reach a goal that is very important to the quality of your life and YOU, to only be able to have your results for a few weeks and then go right back into your old ways.

These programs do not teach the necessary fundamentals and education for you to train yourself FOREVER and make this a lifestyle. Therefore they are the MOST EXPENSIVE programs to choose because you have to keep buying them over and over again but never learning what you really need to do to keep your results.

You want to invest in a personal trainer for a MINIMUM of 6 months if not longer if you are going to take control of your life and results FOREVER. Think about it like this, if you were going to get a degree in nursing, business, dentistry, etc, You would not go to school for a few weeks or a few months and expect to be a professional and know exactly what to do and when.

Instead you would go to school for years to master the skills necessary to be successful in the future. You would go to school for years because you would first have to learn the fundamentals of what you are doing and then get good at them and then progress to the intermediate skills and then perfect them and then go to advanced skills.

Now you cannot get to the intermediate skills or even the advanced skills without MASTERING the fundamentals. And that is one of the BIGGEST mistakes people make when they are trying to reach their fitness goals, is hiring a personal trainer purely for a few sessions and then go and try it on their own.

So we recommend thinking LONG TERM when it comes to personal training and having someone coach you. The longer you train with your trainer the more benefits you will receive because you are practicing good habits and perfecting the fundamentals.

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6 Mistakes to avoid when choosing a personal trainer

1. Choosing a personal trainer strictly upon their appearance. Many people want to train with a trainer that looks good, which logically makes sense. But sometimes the personal trainer may not really know how to train you specifically or others in general. It is possible for a trainer to look really good and not know how to train at all. They may have great genetics or are on supplements to help them achieve their look. Be sure that you are choosing your trainer based on several different characteristics other than looks. Good characteristics to look for are energetic, motivating, and good communicator.

2. Not discussing their goals openly enough and communicating the vision that you have. This mistake is common as most people go to hire a personal trainer and assume that the personal trainer already knows what their goals are. The most important thing in a personal trainer/client relationship is communication so the personal trainer knows how to truly motivate the client. This means sharing reasons for wanting to achieve your goal such as wanting to be a better parent, feel more attractive in your clothes, have more confidence, have more energy etc. Discuss your goals consistently and often.

3. Not taking advantage of a FREE personal training session because of fear of not being able to afford it or that it will be an embarrassing session. If a personal trainer is a professional and quality trainer then the FREE session will be educational and motivational. You should feel like your goals are attainable and that you have the support to reach those goals after your FREE training session. The purpose of the FREE training session is to help identify the obstacles that are holding you back and coming up with a game plan to overcome those obstacles and reach your goal. If you decide to purchase a personal training program GREAT but if not you should come out better than when you came in to the training session.

4. Choosing a personal trainer solely based on how many certifications they have. Certifications and bachelor degrees are important but if the personal trainer does not have the personality type and flexibility to work with different clients then the personal trainer technically would not be a good personal trainer even though they may have several of the highest standard certifications. We have seen this time and time again where the personal trainer has all of the certifications in the world but they do not motivate or support their clients and even worse they talk down to their clients and make them feel inferior. Now that is NOT personal training.

5. The cost of a personal trainer being the main deciding factor. The cost of a personal trainer should be thought of as an investment as opposed to being a cost. The reason you want to look at it this way is you are buying a personal trainer for a set of benefits. The same reason why you invest in a car or clothes, school or going out to eat. All of these things benefit your life in some way and so will personal training. Personal training can be anywhere from $30 a week to $150 per week. Based on the importance that you put on your health and wellness is what you will invest in. If you are someone that is really looking for a change then you will want to invest more back into yourself for a greater return. Look at it just like school when you go back to school, you are investing money now to get a better job later. Well with personal training you are investing money now to get a better body, more energy, and increase in happiness and confidence, now and later.

6. Thinking you have to be in shape already to hire a personal trainer or even worse thinking you have to get in shape before you hire your personal trainer. These are just mental obstacles that you must overcome if you want to truly get the results you want. The whole purpose of a personal trainer is to take you from where you are at now and get you to where you want to be in the most efficient way possible.

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High Intensity Training

If you are looking for greater weight loss and burning more calories then I highly recommend that you invest some of your time into doing some high intensity training.

High Intensity training consists of doing weights or cardio in an effort zone of 80-100% of maximal effort followed by short rests. If you want to increase the intensity of your cardio workout then try a treadmill where you raise the incline to a higher incline than you are used to and do intervals of 30 seconds as fast as you can followed by a 30 second rest and repeat for 20 minutes.

If you want to raise the intensity of your weight training workout then try doing something that we call a superset. A superset is when you choose two exercises to do, and they can be for the same or opposing muscle groups, and you do them for x number of reps back to back with no rest.

An example would be if you do a squat for ten repetitions followed by ten repetitions of lunges. This will significantly raise your intensity!

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Embrace Yourself, Then Better Yourself

I wasn’t born with an athletic build. I was ridiculously smaller and skinnier than the rest of the guys my age. So even when I started doing really well in sports, I still felt inadequate because I wasn’t as muscular or powerful as the others. Let’s be honest, a male—especially an athletic male—wants to look powerful and unstoppable.
Of course, the desire to feel successful is common to both genders in various parts of their lives. But in the world I was in, it was everything to me.

I really struggled because my body type didn’t fit the athletic profile. And I was told there was nothing I could do to change it. I was told to just accept it. Being stubborn, though, I was determined to challenge that assumption.

In our society there are a lot of social pressures for men and women to meet a certain idealized body type. Any time we feel like we don’t measure up to what we are “supposed” to be it is really disheartening—especially when there doesn’t seem like any way to better our situation. But there is a way. And that is the key reason
I am so passionate about the fitness industry and especially about helping you obtain your health goals.

As a personal trainer, I empathize with my clients’ turmoil when they talk about the difficulty of trying to make changes in their health. Part of the training I offer is a training of mental attitude. Hearing over and over that there is something wrong with you because your body doesn’t match the ideal creates a perception that you are bad in general. I understand how to get through that because I had to do it myself.

Self-destructive behaviors can come from low self-esteem, such as overeating to push down the shame, or
avoiding participation in exercise classes because you don’t want others to judge you as “too fat” or “too skinny” or even “too awkward.”

Low self-esteem and poor body image can even spiral into avoiding relationships or any situation that might mean you have to make yourself vulnerable, even if you know it could eventually create happiness. You essentially block out all of the good things life has to offer because you let the negative image of yourself take over your life. I want to help you delve into your issues, understand them, and move beyond them. You have to embrace yourself before you can change yourself.

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