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The Fine Art of Personal Training “A glimpse into the workouts and the world of personal training”

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Personal Trainer Zach Vodden “How Bullying Changed My Life”


Zach Vodden

email- [email protected]

Experience:  3 years personal training
Areas of Expertise: Weight Training, High Intensity Training, I help people find themselves 
Certifications: ISSA Fitness Certified, ISSA Nutrition Certified, 3rd degree black belt
Sports & Activities: Mixed Martial Arts, wrestling, football, kickboxing
Favorite Quote:” I do not believe in mistakes I believe in opportunity. Take those opportunities for they will lead you to where you were meant to be”

My Story :

My name is Zach Vodden and I was bullied my entire life for being small and a redhead. I was pushed around, shoved into lockers, and all of the other things that are involved in bullying. One day I got tired of getting bullied and I decided to do something about it. So my senior year I got into Mixed Martial Arts and started to learn how to defend myself and I also started to stand up to the bullies.
After my senior year I decided to go on a LDS church mission where I ended up helping my companion lose 50 pounds and that’s when I knew that I wanted to become a personal trainer and help people. When I came home from my mission I decided to become a certified personal trainer and started working out more often myself and I noticed that my confidence went through the roof and I fell in love with it… and truth be told I found myself through fitness. Fitness has changed my life and I want to help change yours.
I believe my specialty is I helping people  find themselves through training them and truthfully if you don’t know who you are and who you are not then you will never reach your goal. If you want to train with me reach out to me!
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Accelerating Weight Loss With Incline Training


Accelerating Weight Loss with Incline Training

By Matthew Rhea, PhD


Losing weight requires a negative calorie balance consistently each day.  This means that you have to burn more calories that you consume.  Dieting is vital to weight loss efforts because it is much easier to avoid eating calories than it is to burn them off.  But, we must include exercise in a weight loss program in order to increase metabolic rate and burn as many calories as possible.


The key to exercise for weight loss is selecting the right type of exercise and performing it at the right intensity.  The treadmill is a good mode of exercise for burning a lot of calories and promoting cardiovascular fitness improvements.  The challenge is getting the intensity/speed correct to burn as many calories as possible, but take advantage of fat as the fuel source.  Running at high speeds burns a lot of calories each minute, but virtually all of them come from sources other than fat.


Slow speeds don’t burn a lot of calories but all of them are coming out of fat stores.  I stumbled across a physiological alteration in fat utilization at slow speeds 8 years ago when I began testing incline walking.  The incline increases the amount of muscle activation in the legs, which greatly increases caloric expenditure compared to level walking.  But because speed is slow, the body can still use fat as the primary energy source.  This is the best of both worlds…burn a lot of calories, and get most of them from stored fat that we want to get rid of.  I’m happy to say that my research is now cited by treadmill manufacturers that now promote incline training as a great way to burn more fat calories!


So, to increase your weight loss efforts, increase the incline on the treadmill as high as you can sustain at a fast walking pace.  The longer you can incline walk the better as you will simply be racking up the calories each minute.  If your legs begin to tire, drop the incline and let the leg muscle recovery while you continue to walk flat…then increase it again for as long as your legs can sustain it.  Repeat that over and over again for as long as you have time.  My research demonstrated that a 20 minute incline workout burns 5 times as many calories as level walking and at least 3 times as much fat as running.  Get the benefits of a 90 minute jog, in only 20 minutes of incline walking.


Remember that dieting will have the most impact on weight loss, but you can greatly improve the effectiveness of your workouts by using incline as your choice for cardio.

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Everyone Starts Somewhere…My Journey From Beginner to Becoming A Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer




“My name is Tish Adamson. I am a group fitness instructor and personal trainer here at The Gym at Station Park. The road to this point in my life has not been an easy one. I started my fitness journey weighing just over 300 pounds. I was tired, miserable and depressed.

Everyone in my family had weight problems so I figured I was destined to be overweight my whole life. One day I put in an old exercise video and realized…this isn’t so bad! It didn’t take long for me to be hooked on exercise!

However, though I truly enjoyed the high I got from fitness, it was a long road to health with physical and mental challenges along the way. As I saw positive changes within myself, I realized I wanted to share my love of exercise with others in the hopes that I could enrich their lives as well. I lost a lot of weight…but the reward of helping others has been my greatest accomplishment.

I have now been teaching group fitness classes for 17 years.  What a total blast it has been! I have seen countless lives change as people realize their own strength and become empowered to reach their goals. I’ve seen confidence and strength grow and doubts diminish.  I feel so blessed to be a part of that change in people!

I want our members to know that times get tough. Life throws you curve balls. But you can never, ever give up. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis almost seven years ago. There are days when I literally don’t know how I am going to get out of bed, much less exercise.

There are days when the pain is terrible or I am very, very sick. There are days when I have no strength and stumble when I walk. The medications I take for MS make me gain weight and I have to constantly remind myself that I am still fit and healthy on the inside, even if it doesn’t always show on the outside! It is challenging to be the instructor who has to modify things due to my illness and doesn’t always “look the part”.

But the reality is that exercise has saved me. My classes and clients are literally one of the main reasons I get up and keep fighting! Not everyone who comes to The Gym is in perfect shape, or has the perfect body. Not all of us are in perfect health. All of us have trials and hardships to overcome. All are welcome here! What a blessing it is to have a team of people here at The Gym that care about you and want you to succeed!

Remember, True champions are the ones who get back up…even when they can’t.”

I am looking to help clients who may have had the same struggles I have, so if you would like a FREE fitness assessment by me please email me ([email protected]) and I will get you scheduled. You do not have to be a member or already be in shape to take advantage of this. In the session I will educate you and make you feel comfortable with everything we will be doing. I look forward to helping change your life.


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Incline Training … A Great Way to Increase Fat Burning



When most people say the want to lose weight, they actually mean they want to lose fat.  They often turn to exercise in hopes of burning fat and losing inches off their body.  That desire has prompted a good amount of exercise research examining methods for enhancing fat burning.  Many of you may have heard of the “Fat Burning Zone”, a zone of training intensity that burns more fat than carbohydrate.  At low intensities (such as walking), the body uses primarily fat for energy, but walking doesn’t burn very many calories.  Higher intensity exercise like running, burns more calories but mainly from carbohydrates.

Now…side note….weight loss is primary driven by diet, not exercise. Exercise can contribute but it takes a great deal of exercise time, at the right intensity, to have a measurable impact.  Long-term weight management is very much impacted by exercise so consistent habits are very much advised.  Our goal is simply to make exercise a little more effective at helping clients lose weight.

Enter incline training!  I did some research on fat utilization during incline walking a number of years ago and made a fairly substantial finding that has impacted both exercise habits and exercise physiology.  It turns out that the body can use fat for energy at high intensities as long as the speed is slow.

Incline walking represents a high intense activity (at inclines of 25% heart rates can climb as high as very fast running on flat ground) but the speed is slow enough to allow the body to process fat for energy.  I found that 18-25% inclines at walking speeds of 2-3 mph is a great way to increase fat utilization, burn a high number of calories, and increase cardiovascular fitness all at the same time.  Props to FreeMotion Fitness for the advent of the incline trainer with inclines up to 30%.  Take advantage of this capability if you are able and include incline walking as useful tool in your weight loss efforts!

If you need help with how to correctly do the incline training or you would like some more exercise techniques make sure to fill out the form below for your FREE fitness assessment.


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Here is An Ab Routine Video

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How to Firm Your Legs With Weights and Cardio

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How to Tone Up Your Lower Abs

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