Discovering Your Why In Fitness

Discovering Your “Why”


In order to truly reach your potential and stay motivated for a sustainable amount of time, you must understand your “Why.” Why do you want to better yourself? What motivates you? It’s hard to stay motivated just by telling yourself that you should do better or be better—sometimes that can even be harmful. Instead, strike to your core and feel the reasons why you are doing what you are doing. And then take the time to figure out your “Why”: why you want to better yourself.


It can be hard, but allow your emotions to get involved in this process to get the maximum results. We are driven to do things by emotion. First understand the emotion that has kept you from attaining your goals or the emotions that support negative behaviors. Then you need to give yourself a strong emotional connection as to why you want to change your behaviors.


Ask Yourself:

Who was your role model growing up? And why?

Who is your role model currently? And why?

What makes you feel the most positive about yourself?

What makes you feel negative and unmotivated?

What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

With what kind of people do you associate yourself?

With whom do you want to associate yourself?

Why are you going to make a permanent change in your life?

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