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Lose Fat and Build Muscle

In this program we WILL  transform you to have the lifestyle you have always wanted by design. The keyword here is “design“. Learn the success habits that not only get the results that you want but keep them FOREVER!!

Wouldn’t  you like to feel confident, young, and energetic again?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a role model to your friends and family?

Just imagine yourself 12 months from now… perfect dream body, the energy of an 18 year old, a brand new wardrobe, a promotion at your job, and a rekindled passion at home.

You have one life and you get one opportunity to live it to it’s fullest. You deserve the very best in your life but the only person holding you back from getting what you want is…. yourself.

It is time to give yourself permission to succeed and not feel guilty or selfish about taking care of YOU. It only makes sense to focus on yourself so you can be the happiest you can be and that will immediately transfer to every aspect of your life.

Plan on taking charge of your life RIGHT NOW and get a complete lifestyle redesign and makeover. This program is designed for the person who is sick and tired of being sick and tired and wants to make a change now!

Why not you?

If you join this challenge we guarantee that you will not only get the results that you want but you will be a completely different person one year from today. The transformation/lifestyle redesign includes

  • Minimum of 3 sessions a week w/personal trainer
  • Weekly personal weight training and cardio plans
  • Weekly nutritional challenges
  • Food journal
  • Progress Photos every two weeks
  • Weigh-in and measurements every three weeks
  • Full body composition scan every three weeks
  • Public progress videos, photos, goals,  and achievements

If you already have a personal trainer ask them how you can upgrade your service to join this lifestyle transformation. We absolutely promise that if you join this program it will change your life and you will thank us forever.   Click the button below to start your NEW LIFE!

In order for you to qualify to join this challenge, you must be able to commit to the program and follow everything that the personal trainer recommends. You do not need to be a member of the gym and if you are currently not a member you can do a free personal training session to see if you like the gym. We ONLY want serious clients for this challenge. To get started or to learn more information fill out the form below now!

We have already had clients lose up to 60 pounds on this program while melting fat off of their body and completely changing how they look and feel. Fill out the form below to learn more about this life changing and exciting breakthrough program.

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