Embrace Yourself, Then Better Yourself

I wasn’t born with an athletic build. I was ridiculously smaller and skinnier than the rest of the guys my age. So even when I started doing really well in sports, I still felt inadequate because I wasn’t as muscular or powerful as the others. Let’s be honest, a male—especially an athletic male—wants to look powerful and unstoppable.
Of course, the desire to feel successful is common to both genders in various parts of their lives. But in the world I was in, it was everything to me.

I really struggled because my body type didn’t fit the athletic profile. And I was told there was nothing I could do to change it. I was told to just accept it. Being stubborn, though, I was determined to challenge that assumption.

In our society there are a lot of social pressures for men and women to meet a certain idealized body type. Any time we feel like we don’t measure up to what we are “supposed” to be it is really disheartening—especially when there doesn’t seem like any way to better our situation. But there is a way. And that is the key reason
I am so passionate about the fitness industry and especially about helping you obtain your health goals.

As a personal trainer, I empathize with my clients’ turmoil when they talk about the difficulty of trying to make changes in their health. Part of the training I offer is a training of mental attitude. Hearing over and over that there is something wrong with you because your body doesn’t match the ideal creates a perception that you are bad in general. I understand how to get through that because I had to do it myself.

Self-destructive behaviors can come from low self-esteem, such as overeating to push down the shame, or
avoiding participation in exercise classes because you don’t want others to judge you as “too fat” or “too skinny” or even “too awkward.”

Low self-esteem and poor body image can even spiral into avoiding relationships or any situation that might mean you have to make yourself vulnerable, even if you know it could eventually create happiness. You essentially block out all of the good things life has to offer because you let the negative image of yourself take over your life. I want to help you delve into your issues, understand them, and move beyond them. You have to embrace yourself before you can change yourself.

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