Group Fitness Director Adrienne Jones and Her Story


My name is Adrienne, I am the group fitness director for The Gym at Station Park and The Gym at City Creek.  I am also a personal trainer and I’m passionate about my job!  I got in to teaching group fitness classes when I was a young mother… trying to have an identity outside of my household responsibilities.
I loved teaching immediately and found that as I got more involved in the gym and the fitness industry, I started to discover who I wanted to be.
I had been struggling with self worth and wondering who I was outside of little children and laundry.  As I learned new and different formats to teach in my classes I gained confidence in myself and motivation in many aspects of my life.
I was happier and healthier and stronger!  And I had a desire to learn more and share it with others.
I became a personal trainer because I wanted to help people change their lives like I was changing my own.
I believe that when you have confidence in yourself and who you are, you can do anything.  When you are strong and healthy and fit the possibilities in your life are so much more open and just waiting for you.
My job isn’t about helping people get skinny, its about helping people become the person they want to be.
I have had the opportunity to be involved in many life changes through the years with my clients, but one man in particular remains close to my heart.   I started training *Jim when he was 81 years old just months after he had lost his wife and gone though extensive back surgery.
He relied heavily on a walker and the home health care people that came several times a week to assist him in his daily routine.  He couldn’t drive or take care of his house.  He was lonely and defeated.   Slowly but surely Jim got stronger.  We started with just regaining balance, then moved on to stepping up and down on the stairs.
Soon he was walking with a cane and home health care didn’t need to come anymore.
As more time passed I watched my 81 year old client master the leg press, bicep curls, sit ups and anything else I could throw his way!  He was driving and getting his own groceries, cleaning his house and mowing his lawn.
Fitness for me is about strength and confidence.  Its about laying the groundwork in your life to accomplish anything you set your mind to.
When you face your physical and mental limits and then learn how to push beyond them, you discover who you really are.  I’m the mother of four children, I’m a runner, a teacher, and a trainer because I can and because that’s who I choose to be!
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