Head Trainer Keelee Kap on Why She Does What She Does


My name is Keelee, I am over the personal training sales at both The Gym at City Creek and The Gym at Station Park. I got into personal training after I finished playing volleyball at Weber State University.

I have always loved being active and pushing my body to reach new goals. I knew it was something I wanted to help other people achieve. The Gym can be an intimidating place if you are not fam…iliar with it.

  I wanted to show people The Gym is actually a great place to take time for yourself and do something that will benefit your health. I enjoy teaching people about the gym and what type of workouts will help them reach the goals they are after. It is so rewarding to watch clients transform and accomplish the goals we set together.

I became a personal trainer because I love teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle. I am not trying to find a quick fix for my clients. I want to teach them how to work out, proper form, and the best way to live the life they are after. I want my clients to walk away from our training session knowing more about themselves and the gym than they did before we started.

There have been so many clients that I have had the opportunity to work with that have made a huge impact in my life. One woman in particular I worked with had set certain goals to accomplish within one year.

Within that year she was able to lose over 60lbs, drop her body fat below 20%, get off her diabetes medication, and run a half marathon. It was such an amazing experience helping her accomplish the goals. 5 years later she has kept the weight off and is still running multiple races every year. I love that she has stuck with living a healthy lifestyle!

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