Keeping A Fitness Journal

Keep A Fitness Journal

You can’t improve what you don’t consciously and consistently measure and analyze. To improve yourself, you must know your self at your core. You must understand what drives you to feel happy, sad, angry, or fulfilled. This will require some serious self-reflection on your part.

A daily fitness journal can help you discover trends in your behavior so that you can make changes and eliminate self-sabotage. This fitness journal will include three sections: a food journal (more on that in the nutrition chapter), a workout journal (tracking both your activities and your weight/measurements), and a personal journal. In the personal journal section I want you to look back into your childhood and write about the events that have helped shape who you are today.

Think about and write down the events that made you happy and loved and cared for. Also write down the events that have caused you to feel sad or insecure. I want you to write these events down in as much detail as possible including who was there, why you felt the way you did, what you liked or disliked about the event, and what environment you were in.

Consistently write through these events all the way up to your life today. Put some serious thought and effort into understanding how these various events have shaped your personal daily habits in life: exercise, parenting, work habits, and relationships. You may be surprised what you learn about yourself.

Being conscious of your activities and what motivates you to make your choices will keep you away from autopilot living. That’s when you can start to make the necessary adjustments to create the exact environment you need to succeed.

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