Personal Trainer Zach Vodden “How Bullying Changed My Life”


Zach Vodden

email- [email protected]

Experience:  3 years personal training
Areas of Expertise: Weight Training, High Intensity Training, I help people find themselves 
Certifications: ISSA Fitness Certified, ISSA Nutrition Certified, 3rd degree black belt
Sports & Activities: Mixed Martial Arts, wrestling, football, kickboxing
Favorite Quote:” I do not believe in mistakes I believe in opportunity. Take those opportunities for they will lead you to where you were meant to be”

My Story :

My name is Zach Vodden and I was bullied my entire life for being small and a redhead. I was pushed around, shoved into lockers, and all of the other things that are involved in bullying. One day I got tired of getting bullied and I decided to do something about it. So my senior year I got into Mixed Martial Arts and started to learn how to defend myself and I also started to stand up to the bullies.
After my senior year I decided to go on a LDS church mission where I ended up helping my companion lose 50 pounds and that’s when I knew that I wanted to become a personal trainer and help people. When I came home from my mission I decided to become a certified personal trainer and started working out more often myself and I noticed that my confidence went through the roof and I fell in love with it… and truth be told I found myself through fitness. Fitness has changed my life and I want to help change yours.
I believe my specialty is I helping people  find themselves through training them and truthfully if you don’t know who you are and who you are not then you will never reach your goal. If you want to train with me reach out to me!
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