How I got my life back

Hi, my name is Bre Johnston. I am a personal trainer at The Gym at City Creek. I love personal training and I am passionate about health and fitness. I truly believe that by working to change your body and living a healthy lifestyle you can change your life! I have learned this from personal experience.

At the age of 22 became a single mother of a beautiful baby boy, but I was 242 pounds and miserable. I could barely carry my baby up the stairs. I had always been an active person, and had been a competitive swimmer for many years. However, a few injuries and difficult situations, I had been in a very abusive relationship and suffered with depression, I had gained more than 100 pounds!!! I remember distinctly the day I decided to change my life. My father and sister were registered to run their first marathon came home from an 18 mile training run, absolutely elated! I wanted to be them!! I wanted to teach my son how to ride a bike, play soccer, go one hikes with him. I wanted to like myself when I looked in the mirror. I wanted to feel good. I started going to the local YMCA. The first few days were brutal! I was positive everyone was looking at me a judging me, but I stuck with it. After a few days the head personal trainer came up and asked me if I would like any help. She was so awesome! I worked with her for 12 weeks and loved every minute! I lost thirty pounds those first three months and felt great! I knew I had a long way to go but it was a start. Shortly after that I moved to Utah. I worked out for the next year on my own. I lost another 20 pounds or so, I became a cycle instructor and ran my first half marathon. It was such a blast. However, I was frustrated that I didn’t lose more. Again, I was approached by a personal trainer. We talked about my goals and again I started working with him. It was everything I needed. He really pushed me and made me accountable for myself. I learned that if I ate a huge dessert on Sunday, then on Monday he would notice and I would have to work it off.

Over the next year I dropped another 40 pounds. I went from running a 2:30 half marathon to a personal best at 1:50!! I went from a size 14 to a size 7. From 26.6 percent body fat to 19! All over I lost 19 inches! I have never felt better in my life. I had energy to play with my son, I started doing triathlons and have placed in the top 3 in most of them. I loved the way I looked and felt! And more than that, I loved how I got my life back. It was then that I knew that I wanted to become a personal trainer. I believe in fitness and how it can change your life, it did for me and I wanted to help others get there.

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We will give you a free session on us so you can test drive what it is like to have a personal trainer and show you all of the ways we can help you achieve your goals. In the free session we go over your goals, where you are currently at, where you want to be, and educate you on the best ways to do that. We even put you through a free thirty minute workout so you can see the difference. So when you come to your free appointment come in workout clothes and bring a water bottle. Expect this free session to go anywhere from forty five minutes to an hour.