Supplements Specific to Bulking Up vs. Toning Up

When building or toning muscle you want to make sure you are getting all of the vitamins you need. Consider taking a multi-vitamin. Also, for both processes you want to build lean muscle tissue. For this I recommend:

• Whey protein and casein protein help the body to rebuild the muscle tissues that were broken down during the workout. Take protein before and after your workouts.

• Fish oils help the body to recover and help to keep the body in a muscle-building state. Take fish oils throughout the day as per the directions on the bottle.

Other supplements that I have found specifically helpful with the bulking up process:

• Creatine, in particular, helps with bulking up because it provides more energy for lifting heavier weights and helps you recover from short bursts of intense exercise. Take creatine about two hours before you lift weights.

• Glutamine is a great supplement for helping your body recover. Take glutamine before and after your workouts.

A Note on Fat-Burning and/or Weight-Loss Pills

I get a lot of questions on the effectiveness of various fat-burning pills—whether they work and whether they are safe. A majority of fat-burning pills are mainly caffeine pills. Those that are can provide an energy boost if taken before your workout, but others have ingredients that can over-stimulate your heart rate, such as ephedra. Before ever taking any of these kinds of supplements,seriously consult with your physician. My personal recommendation is to stay with more natural products and get your heart rate up the old fashioned way: good hard work!

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