Why You Want To Think Long Term

Why You Want To Think Long Term

Making long term choices when it comes to your fitness will be the best move you can make. You want to be able to make the decisions that help you make fitness a lifestyle as opposed to doing a quick fix. The best return on your investment of energy will be on how to create your choices that you make today the best choices for your future.

We are sure that you want to be able to not only get results but KEEP them as well. The best way to do that is to make the commitment that you will make this a lifestyle and you will come up with your own success fitness habits. Look at it like brushing your teeth, you eventually want to be able to make healthy choices automatically and on a daily basis like you do when you brush your teeth. If you miss a day something feels off, but you also know that you can just resume the habit and not lose everything that you have worked for.

Associate long term thinking and fitness with long term happiness. All of the benefits that you will receive are broken down in the sections below.

Foundation (1-3 months)

In the first 1-3 months this is the time where your body starts to get used to exercises and you get a chance to build a foundation similar to a house. You cannot build a great home and worry about the roof and all of the interior design if the foundation is not solid and laid out.

What you will notice in this foundation stage is your core muscle groups will be getting stronger and have more endurance than they did before. You may experience soreness and muscle fatigue in the very early stages in month 1 because it is most likely that you are exercising muscle groups that you may not have worked out in months or even years.

This stage (foundation 1-3 months) is often the stage people stop at because they begin to see results and think that the routines that they have been using will work forever. But this is where people fall into the trap a.k.a. the plateau and no longer get the results that they want.

Once they hit this trap they go into the “high risk zone” where people want to quit because they begin to get frustrated with the lack of results that they were experiencing in the beginning.

The key things you want to work on when you are in the foundation stage are
• Learning and perfecting the techniques of basic exercises
• Giving yourself time to learn and understand WHY you are doing the exercises
• Creating a strong routine of going to the gym and making it a habit
• Doing whatever it takes to not miss training days

Physical Changes (4-6 months)

Now that you have progressed into the physical changes cycle which is the 4-6 month range it is time for your hard work in the foundation stage to really pay off. What you will notice in this stage is your body starting to make real changes.

You will see some changes in your body that you may have not seen in a very long time. This is the stage where you will start to see the muscle definition, the increased energy and endurance, the body fat lower, the inches go down, and overall confidence and self-esteem increases.

During the physical change stage is where you will finally start to feel like all of your hard work is paying off. This is crucial to make sure that you are tracking everything because this is your chance to figure out what works for your body specifically. This will be your opportunity to create your very own success road map and keep it so you can have records of what you felt like and the way your body responded so this can be a lifestyle change forever.

Key things to focus on during this stage are
• Make sure you are tracking everything such as measurements, daily eating habits, daily sleeping habits, stress levels, workout regimen etc.
• Make sure to start switching it up every couple of weeks so you avoid the plateau
• Be sure that every week you are increasing intensity in your cardio and weight training
• Pay very close attention to your cortisol and stress levels and make sure to work on stress management techniques

Lifestyle Change (7-9 months)

In the lifestyle change stage this is where fitness will be such a big part of your life that you will not be able to go without it. This is the goal with personal training and teaching you how to train your body. We want you to be in this stage where you are almost addicted to working out and taking the time several times per week for yourself to improve.

The lifestyle change stage is also a stage where we can use even more advanced techniques than you are used to in order to take you to the next level. Your knowledge of exercise will be significantly higher than when you started and this will translate into higher quality workouts. And the fun part of higher quality workouts is you will get better and better results.

The key things to focus on in this stage are
• Your happiness and motivation levels
• Your improved quality of life
• The rewards and benefits you are getting from changing your lifestyle

Maintenance (10-12 months)

This stage is a crucial stage and an exciting stage for you. You will have a year under your belt full of knowledge and techniques that you did not know about before. This will give you the opportunity to always know how to train your body and what to expect when you move from stage to stage.

This cycle repeats over and over again and we suggest that you keep pushing yourself each and every year to ensure that you are keeping your fitness journey exciting because it is all about variety and having fun. Fitness should be a fun part of your lifestyle and it should add value to it.

You should have a file full of workouts, emotions, nutritional logs, and any and everything that you did while you worked out with a trainer.

Key things to focus on in this stage are
• Collecting and saving all of your workouts and routines
• Rewarding yourself for completing a year’s worth of personal training and pushing yourself
• Planning how you will repeat the cycle and take your fitness levels to new heights

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